Laying the Tracks for Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Environmental Awareness is Rooted in Our Culture

At REMCAN, we believe that the only way to leave a job site is better than when you arrived. Our tracks run through beautiful natural landscapes and diverse ecosystems that all need to be taken into consideration in every project we deliver.

Leading by example, our founders have strong environmental backgrounds that are embedded in our daily practices and standards. With over 30 years in the railway maintenance business, we know what kind of impact our work can have on the communities in which we operate and on the surrounding environment. We believe it is our corporate responsibility to plan and protect.

Steps We Take to Minimize Our Environmental Footprint:


Evaluate environmental parameters prior to starting a project


Create contingency plans for site remediation and emergency response


Partner with environmental departments of our clients

Bridging the Gap Between the Environment and Engineering

Site Cleanup

REMCAN is fully committed to protecting the environment and maintaining compliance with all laws, regulations and industry standards. Our team has the experience to understand both the engineering objectives and the environmental considerations and find the best solution. We work directly with our clients to establish controls and ensure our railway projects fit with the neighboring landscape.