Committed to a Safe, Healthy and Secure Workplace

We Keep Our Employees and Worksites Safe

Every Job Starts with Safety

Between physical labor, heavy machinery and emergency fixes, railway maintenance and construction is a challenging and dangerous environment. Our onsite workers need to understand how to navigate the tracks and handle the tools required, but they also have to be equipped to deal with the risks. Which is why, at REMCAN, we believe the foundation to safety is with education and training.

Before stepping foot on any jobsite, every employee who works for REMCAN must complete a comprehensive health and safety program that complies to industry standards and regulations. With an ongoing commitment to education and safety training, we spend the time and resources necessary to make sure our crews are trained and tested and our equipment is in proper working order.

REMCAN’s Health and Safety Program Includes:


Safety Training

Proprietary Hands-On Training

Safety Training

Railway safety is not something you learn in school, which is why we developed our own program with in-field training. Every new hire spends a minimum of 3-days in training, learning how to use the tools and build tracks, as well as any additional training required to perform their job. Our training is hands-on and guided, and our experienced supervisors are responsible for providing mentorship and continuous improvement to their crew.


Worksite Analysis

Site Review & Safety Planning

Worksite Analysis

To ensure working conditions are safe, we start every project with a full analysis of the worksite and determine the risks associated with the area so we can act accordingly. At REMCAN, we adhere to every industry safety standard and applicable regulation, making improvements to our approach based on regular process reviews. We carefully control every aspect of a project and never hesitate to stop work if a safety issue arises.


Hazard Prevention

Constant Process Refinement

Hazard Prevention

REMCAN believes a complete loss prevention program leads to a safe and productive workplace. This includes random compliance audits at worksites as well as requiring regular progress reports and safety milestones be submitted for every project. We also offer an open, supportive environment to address any “near misses” in the field to learn, adapt, and improve our safety best practices.

We Go Above and Beyond Railway Safety Standards

REMCAN has a proven record of quality, professionalism and safe worksites. Our crews are properly trained and our equipment is well maintained and effectively suited to the job at hand to eliminate hazardous conditions, accidents, injuries, occupational diseases and unnecessary or undue risks to personal security.

Any task can be performed safely and efficiently with the right type of training and conditions. We will never put speed or cost over safety, and will always go above and beyond the standard when it comes to ensuring our resources and yours remain safe and protected.

Safety Management Affiliations and Associations

REMCAN is a proud member in good standing and participant in the following Safety Management Systems:

• ISNetworld
• Avetta (formally Pics)
• Browz
• Ebix
• SMI Safety
• eRailSafe

This includes compliance with:

• Workers’ Compensation Act of British Columbia
• WorkSafe BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

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