Innovative and Safe Railway Bridges, Structures and Culverts

A strong infrastructure is built to withstand the wear and tear of the environment it stands in. Whether you need a new bridge put in place or are looking for structures maintenance or culvert repair, the full-service team at REMCAN can offer you a safe, high quality and cost-effective project to meet your needs.

Bridges and Structures:

Your bridges and structures need to be carefully built and expertly maintained. We provide skilled services backed by long-term, specialized experience in the railway construction industry, including:

  • New bridge construction
  • Bridge replacement
  • Bridge surfacing
  • New pile driving and pile posting
  • Maintenance, including:
    • Timber truss maintenance and repairs
    • Steel truss maintenance and repairs
    • Tie Change Out
    • Stringer Change out
    • Hytracker Maintenance, repair and emergency response


Culverts are an integral part of your railway system, and managing where and how water flows is a key part of keeping your tracks and the surrounding areas properly secured and safe from erosion. REMCAN knows that poorly designed or maintained culverts have the potential to lead to catastrophic failures, which is why we take every care and consideration to ensure that’s not the case. We design and engineer culverts to properly handle the load and capacities required and we properly evaluate the surrounding soil. We take the time to effectively backfill and manage bedding compaction and implement proper erosion protections, guaranteeing your culverts remain safe and failure free.

Our culvert services include:

  • Concrete Box Culverts
  • Corrugated Steel Pipe Culverts
  • Smooth Bore Culverts
  • Design and construction of retaining walls

Your bridges, structures and culverts need to be designed and built with the highest of safety and integrity available. This is serious work and we take it very seriously. We are the leaders in safety, quality and innovation and we bring those principals into every job we do.

Put Your Trust in REMCAN


Obsessed with Safety

Everyone says they want to be safe, but at REMCAN it’s more than just a talking point.

Obsessed with Safety

We spend the time and resources necessary to ensure that our crews are trained and tested and our equipment is in proper working order. We adhere to every industry safety standard and regularly review our processes for safety improvements.


Dominated by Quality

Quality is not optional at REMCAN. It dominates every aspect of our work.

Dominated by Quality

We deliver every project with the highest standard of quality, born from our careful processes and keen attention to detail. We never leave a job site without knowing that the project you wanted was the project that was delivered.


Genuinely Responsive

REMCAN is well known for their responsiveness and that’s by design.

Genuinely Responsive

When you have a problem or need help to maintain, repair or build a new section of track, bridge or signals, you don’t have time to wait. Our entire team to puts responsiveness at the top of their priority list, ensuring no client is ever left wondering if they can count on us to deliver.


Exceedingly Innovative

We innovate to maintain high standards of quality, safety and efficiency.

Exceedingly Innovation

REMCAN focuses on innovation because we know that there are always ways to improve on the work we know and love. Finding new ways to meet old requirements that are safer or more efficient means we can deliver higher value to our clients each and every day.

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