Every Project is Built on a Foundation of Quality

REMCAN prides itself on being a quality railway contractor, because quality impacts every aspect of our work. From planning to environmental remediation and every stop in between, we weave our quality assurance processes into everything we do to guarantee a safe and productive work environment. Every task is planned, tracked and reviewed to ensure that nothing is missed and that our finest work is delivered each and every time. Our staff is properly trained, our equipment is well maintained and effectively suited to the job at hand and we never leave a job site without knowing that the project you wanted was the project that we delivered.

We pride ourselves on responsiveness. We listen, we communicate and we adjust when necessary. If there is a concern at a job site or if a project isn’t up to our quality standards, we stop and take the time to understand every concern and come up with a plan for addressing each issue. We don’t shy away from constructive feedback and never take the concerns of our clients lightly. Every project you do with REMCAN is a project you can stand behind.

We work in a highly regulated, technical industry and take every step to make sure our job sites and our finished work meets every standard. Our promise to you is that our projects will pass inspection the first time, no matter how hard we have to work. There is no room for chance when you’re dealing with the complexity and magnitude of railway safety, and safety is dictated by quality.

The executive leadership at REMCAN has a tenure of experience in railway construction and maintenance. Our varied backgrounds include extensive knowledge of safety regulations, environmental impact and quality standards. Our projects are well planned, expertly executed and regularly checked to assure our quality standards are always exceeded.

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