Supporting Indigenous Communities Through Engagement

Indigenous Relations Policy

REMCAN is committed to building positive, respectful and sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities across Canada. Through its ongoing work in these communities, REMCAN will continue to promote employment opportunities, which includes a focus on pre-employment training, identifying possible business ventures or partnerships and increase overall employee knowledge, cultural awareness, and understanding through community engagement.

Our goal is to have all REMCAN employees be able to recognize the traditions, the distinctiveness and diversity of all communities, and the importance of building mutually respectful relationships using open and honest communication.

Steps we take to develop mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with Indigenous communities:


Create long-term employment opportunities


Identify potential business opportunities


Educate employees with cultural awareness training

Building Lasting Relationships One Conversation at a Time

Bridge Construction

At REMCAN, we strive to create more opportunities for Indigenous people to develop a more inclusive workforce and promote sustainability in all the communities where we work. REMCAN acknowledges the need to continue to be a good corporate neighbour in adapting our policies and programs to meet the changing needs and evolving priorities of the various Indigenous communities where we work.