Complete Bridge Reconstruction

Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Following an unfortunate instance of arson, the Mayerthorpe bridge in Alberta needed immediate replacement. A short line, the track was completely out of commission with no alternative train routes in place for the duration of the work.

REMCAN was contracted to manage and deliver the replacement bridge. Touted as an engineering marvel, the bridge required 6400 feet of new piles to be driven and 1100 feet of new track to be built. The bridge lays in an area without road access, which required REMCAN to assist in the building of access roads to the site to enable delivery of the necessary equipment.

REMCAN took full control of the entire project, including pile driving, erection and span placement, which took 21 days of 24-hour around the clock work to complete. From flames to trains, they were able to prep the area, replace the bridge and surrounding structures and perform a final quality and safety inspection. The bridge was authorized for use in 3 weeks.