Agreement reached between railway service providers to align operations for long-term growth.

VANCOUVER, BC – National rail contractor, Remcan Projects LP. (REMCAN), announced today that it has partnered with the Canadian division of Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, Sersa Total Track (STT), to extend its capabilities, expertise, and infrastructure across Canada.

The partnership provides REMCAN with STT’s established rail maintenance and renewal operations in Central and Eastern Canada, including the acquisition of maintenance equipment and staff. In order to manage the new operations and transition key STT employees to the team, REMCAN will be retaining STT’s location in Mallorytown as a second branch in Ontario.

“Our new partnership is bringing together the resources and focus of two of the market leading rail service providers in North America,” explains John Thwaites, CEO of REMCAN. “This is another progressive step in the growth of REMCAN and a great opportunity to work with the Rhomberg Sersa team as we roll out and expand our service offering.”

With REMCAN deepening and expanding its maintenance of way and specialty services, STT will be realigning its service offering and expanding its fleet of high production equipment to focus on sophisticated undercutting and grinding services. This approach is directly aligned with the proven success of parent company, Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group, a market leading international railway engineering service provider.

“We look forward to bringing our international expertise and solution-based approach to the North American rail market,” adds Michael Match, CEO of Sersa Total Track. “By focusing on what each party does best and working together, REMCAN and Sersa will be able to offer a complete turnkey solution to all railway clients across North America.”

The partnership positions both companies on a dynamic growth path to jointly deliver significant urban capital rail projects currently planned for the Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal regions. The agreement between REMCAN and Sersa Total Track was effective November 10, 2017.

About Remcan Projects LP.

Remcan Projects LP. ( is a full-service contractor for the railway industry, focused on delivering innovative, safe and environmentally-focused maintenance and construction services to railway track owners and operators across Canada. Heavily focused on the client experience, REMCAN takes pride in its ability to meet the arduous demands of the railway industry, while retaining a focus on safety, responsiveness, innovation, and quality.

About Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group

The Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group ( is a full railway engineering service provider and offers a comprehensive range of railway construction, infrastructure and service products. Its portfolio ranges from track construction, track renewal, track maintenance and the rehabilitation of railway tunnels, to railway power supply and communication technology, through to consultancy, planning and design, and logistics services. Originating in 1886, the group had sales of €637m in 2016 with more than 2500 staff operating on 5 continents. The Group’s focus is on customer-oriented and tailor-made solutions for light rail, mainline railways, freight lines and private infrastructure with a world leading high production rail maintenance machine capability.

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