Railway Operations for all Seasons

When it comes to railway maintenance and construction in the railway industry, we deal with a lot of uncontrollable situations. Cold and snow were the biggest factors in 2016, hitting record snowfalls and freezing temperatures across Canada. But with the CN Railway transporting $250 billion worth of goods annually, their essential railway operations can’t stop for weather.

The impact these extreme weather conditions have on railway operations can be devastating if you aren’t prepared. Winter weather has a way of exposing weaknesses in railway construction, from eroded tracks to collapsed bridges. If a track can’t handle heavy snow, ice accumulation and even flooding, it poses a danger to the entire operation and the passengers on the train. In order to avoid any accidents and ensure safe passage, rail networks are responsible for investing in their infrastructure. In these cases, we are brought in to make the reinforcements necessary to keep the trains moving and ensure they meet all safety compliance standards.

Here is how we tackle the challenges that arise from extreme temperatures and unforeseen events on a day-to-day basis.

Safety First

Bridge building and track laying can all be done throughout the winter but you are not able to execute any projects unless your workers are equipped to withstand the icy temperatures. This is why we put their health and safety first by making sure they have access to the right equipment and tools, wear the proper clothing and footwear, and have an experienced foreman to control every aspect of a project. In every railway construction and maintenance project we deal with, we are always prepared with extra resources, coverage, and protective measures to ensure safe completion.

Proactive Track Maintenance

The best way to make sure your equipment and tracks are ready for extreme temperatures is to commit to regular maintenance and equipment replacement. Every year we take a team up to Northern BC to perform cluster tie replacement for one of our clients, to ensure their large piece of track remains up to standards. Continuous maintenance is a proactive strategy to ensure your tracks remain in good condition and can handle any extreme cold or flooding.

Quality Service and Training

Regardless of the project, from maintaining track to repairing a bridge, delivering the highest standard of quality is the most important way to get ahead of any weather or unforeseen event. We are known amongst our clients as being a railway contractor who is reliable and efficient. We invest in training, equipment and technology to reduce the affects of weather and continue to focus on providing superior customer service

Deliver Great Results in a Challenging Environment

Gearing up for the winter and other challenging conditions requires a review of every aspect of your operations, from inventory and equipment to crew considerations and snow removal. Heavily focused on the client experience, REMCAN takes pride in its ability to meet the sometimes arduous demands of the railway industry, while remaining committed to responsiveness, detail and quality.

Contact REMCAN for help with managing your next railway maintenance and construction project.

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